What kind of file can I upload?
You can upload jpegs or png files ONLY.

Do you crop the photos or should I?
We have designers who work on cropping the photos we receive and they only use the faces for our products. If you have a very specific way you want your pet/person to appear, then leave a detailed note explaining what you want included in the crop. Our designers will include a hat or decorative head gear if it is being worn, but if you want more than the face to show we need you to leave a note letting us know. Or you could submit a png file of your own cropped image.

What should my photo include to get best results?
Please submit a photo of the pet/person you would like featured on your order. Their face should be completely inside the frame. Our designers will cut out the face exactly as it is seen in the photo, so if you submit a photo that is very close-up and some parts of the face are cut off, then you will see a straight edge to show where the photo ends.

How many faces can you print on an item?
We only allow for one face per product, because it makes for a bigger and better outcome. You are only permitted one upload per product. If you submit a photo with more than one face, please leave a note on your order stating which face you want our designers to use. If you do not clarify which face to crop, then it could cost a delay while we try and find out by contacting you.

Can I submit a photo of something other than a cat or dog?
Absolutely! We accept faces of people and various animals to be used on orders.

Can I request a proof of my order before shipment?
Unfortunately we do not provide proofs, because it slows down the process and we work hard to get your order out to our customers as soon as possible.


How long does it take to get my order?

We do not start production on any orders until the day after it’s placed, because we allow for cancellations or changes within those 24 hours. Now most of our products take different times to complete, and that doesn’t include days it takes to ship to your destination. Also keep in mind we only work on business days, so weekends do not count as a production day.
Puppy Socks = 3-5 business days
Puppy T-shirts = 4-7 business days
Puppy T-shirts (Custom) = 5-8 business days
Puppy Blankets = 3-6 business days
Puppy Leggings = 6-8 business days
Once an order is complete it is shipped out by USPS and depending on it’s final destination it could take 1-5 business days to deliver.

Will my order with different products ship all together?
Since most products do have different production times, we do ship out those items separately. If you receive only part of your order, you can check your invoice to see what was suppose to be shipped in that package. You can always email our customer service department (hello@puppysocks.com) for a status update on your other items.

Will I receive a notification when my order ships?
Yes, once your order has been packaged and given a shipping label you will be sent an email. It will contain a copy of your order and a tracking number. WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR STOLEN OR MISSING PACKAGES, SO PLEASE BE VIGILANT AND TRACK YOUR ORDER. 

How much is shipping?
We are happy to be able to offer FREE U.S. SHIPPING on all orders! We do ship internationally, but the prices vary on destination. 

Do you offer expedited shipping?
We currently do not offer expedited shipping, all orders are shipped by USPS and typically by First Class Mail, unless order exceeds a pound (1 lb).


Will you contact the me if I need to replace a photo?
Yes, if you submit an image that is too low quality, we will have our customer service reach out and request a replacement. It is very important you check your contact information for this very reason.

How long do I have to cancel or change my order?
You have only 24 hours to cancel or make a change in your order. You can only make a change in color, design, photo, size (t-shirt and leggings only), and/or shipping address. We try and work quickly on completing orders, so if you wait more than 24 hours, it’s likely your order has been sent to our production and is in progress. We cannot cancel your order once it’s begun to be made.

What sizes do you offer for your products?
Our Puppy Socks come in one-size-fits-all (7.5-13 shoe size) and our Puppy Blankets also come in only one size (50” x 60”). You can select between sizes S - 3XL for t-shirts and leggings. Puppy T-shirts are unisex so keep that in mind when ordering. For more specific measurements on Puppy Leggings, check out the size chart:

What is your return/exchange policy?
Since these are all custom orders, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. So please be very sure when selecting the size, design, and especially the photo you upload in your order. If the incorrect size, color, or image is selected and sent out to you, Puppy Socks is not responsible for replacing these items.

If the product arrives defective or damaged, we will reprint and resend it free of charge. Please email customer support at hello@puppysocks.com with a picture of your item and order number. We will reprint your item and ship it to you within 5 business days.

Defective or damaged items can only be replaced within 3 weeks from your delivery date. After this 3 week period, Puppy Socks is not responsible for replacing any defective or damaged items.



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